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As well as addressing issues affecting the shipping industry globally, the delegates are hearing about port facilities in the North East from ICS member David Robinson, chief executive of Teesport-based PD Ports, together with the chief executives of port operators from Newcastle, Sunderland and Blyth.
This necessitates that the shipping industry in India must gear up to meet the nation's growing requirements.
The SMEISA awards have become a staple event for the maritime and shipping industry in the Middle East and an opportunity to celebrate the successes and advancements of the past 12 months," said Chris Hayman, chairman of Seatrade.
Though cargo losses at sea are as old as the shipping industry, the new twist is that today's modern container ships carry a significant part of their loads stacked above deck.
Flag liner shipping industry presently faces a clear-cut sunset scenario, and the sun is sinking fast," said Ebeling.
The Transport Ministry on Tuesday released a report calling for "comprehensive" efforts to maintain the international competitiveness of Japan's shipping industry.
It was those concerns that prompted members of the shipping industry to turn to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for help.
In the transoceanic shipping business, the cheapest and speediest path between two points is not always a straight line, By using new and improved satellite data on ocean currents to chart courses, the shipping industry may soon reap substantial savings in fuel costs, says civil engineer Mark R.
Even though 1991 has been a good year for the shipping industry on the Great Lakes, a pair of Northern Ontario companies credit the use of self-unloading ships with the survival of the firms.
This year, the Department of Transportation, which oversees the academy, will spend more than $22 million for what is little more than boot camp for the shipping industry.
Richly laden with quantitative analysis, the report offers discussion on the basics and structure of the Merchant Shipping industry.
The transport ministry and the Cyprus Shipping Chamber (CSC), CIPA and other organisations have commissioned a study on a strategy for the island's shipping industry.