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SHIRE, Eng. law. A district or division of country. Co. Lit. 50 a.

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As years go by, I am seeing more opportunities to increase the exposure of our Shires.
Bolstering Shires projection is the fact that insurance companies are often agreeing to pay high rates for few rare disease cure than for majorly used drugs.
SIX decades of devotion to Shire horses has earned William Hugh Griffith one of the breed society's top accolades.
Robinson's Brewery horses and dray were were due to appear but the team lost one of its Shires on the eve of the show.
Shires, who estimates that 75 percent of his total employees are musicians.
These shires will then be trained for eventual work on small farms, and in the forestry industry.
It has been a symbol of Britishness for centuries and served man in war and work, but the British shire horse could be threatened with extinction - because it is being outnumbered by its French cousin.
In exchange for the pleas, prosecutors dropped a charge of felony assault on a child leading to death against Shires and a charge of child endangerment leading to death against Starr.
Analysis of Shires corporate strategy, marketed portfolio, pipeline potential and financial position in 2005 and to 2011
This pilot program demonstrates Shires commitment to exploring novel ideas and services to improve the lives of our employees and their families, said Shires Chief Information Office Karl Hick.
Dylan and dad William are no strangers to top Shires - they bred former Peterborough champion Trem-y-wyddfa Mascot, sold as colt who fetched a breed record pounds 25,000.
We have about 45 Shires and many agricultural wagons coming to the show and the demand for animals at home and abroad is hard to meet,' said Mr Bryden.