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SHIRE, Eng. law. A district or division of country. Co. Lit. 50 a.

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According to sheriff's department homicide investigators, Shires killed his 2-year-old son, Kyle, on June 6, 1999, in the family's Arch Street home by striking him numerous times in the abdomen.
a leading strategic business and IT consulting firm exclusively serving the life sciences industry, today announced that its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) practice has reached important implementation milestones with Shire Pharmaceuticals and Ross Systems.
Wearing her long red hair in braids around her face, Starr glared at Shires briefly during the hearing.
Authorities said Shires initially claimed his son had died while left unattended in the bathtub of their Newhall home.
Michael Shires is also charged with assault on a child causing death.
The testimony came during the first day of a preliminary hearing for Shires, 26, and his live-in girlfriend Aprill Ann Starr, 36.
In a preliminary hearing Tuesday, Los Angeles Municipal Court Judge Elva Soper dismissed charges of murder and assault on a child causing death against Shires, 26, and a murder charge against Starr, 36, for lack of evidence.
The case against the two was thrown out Tuesday during a preliminary hearing because none of the witnesses had firsthand knowledge that Shires had been read his Miranda rights.
Absent from Tuesday's preliminary hearing were the sheriff's deputies who, the prosecutor said, advised Shires of his Miranda rights and administered a polygraph test, which authorities said prompted the father to confess to the fatal beating.
Shires, 24, has confessed to killing the little boy, who was annoying him as he tried to watch TV in the family's Newhall home, Los Angeles County sheriff's homicide investigators said.
Kyle's father, 25-year-old Michael Shires, was charged with murder and assault on a child resulting in death.
Shires was arrested June 6 after reporting to authorities that his son Kyle had drowned in the bathtub when left unattended in his Newhall home.