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MESSENGER. A person appointed to perform certain duties, generally of a ministerial character.
     2. In England, a messenger appointed under the bankrupt laws, is an officer who is authorized to execute the lawful commands of commissioners of bankrupts.

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This is becoming the most expensive, clumsy and desperate attempt at shooting the messenger ever.
Turner and other advocates say fingering cameras for the Simpson tumult is a case of shooting the messenger.
Shooting the messenger is not going to work this time.
Cameron, a one-time ITV PR man, is shooting the messenger because suddenly Ed Miliband has a popular message on energy prices.
DAVID Cameron is shooting the messenger by complaining about the BBC when the Conservative Party's problem is much closer to home.
There were some other people who made remarks that were just about shooting the messenger and not listening to what I was really trying to say.
Instead of shooting the messenger Mr Fox should admit he was wrong - badly wrong.