Shop Steward

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Shop Steward

A Labor Union official elected to represent members in a plant or particular department. The shop steward's duties include collection of dues, recruitment of new members, and initial negotiations for settlement of grievances.


Labor Union.

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Management of the commission further said that claims that union shop steward, Dusken Kabande was suspended for allegedly questioning the shortlisting criteria was false.
Meanwhile, Asda depot workers in Washington, Tyne & Wear, went on a 24-hour strike over pay on June 23 and further action may follow a disciplinary hearing against a shop steward.
National officer Allan Black said he had new proposals to put to the company in a bid to resolve the row provided they were accepted by the shop stewards today.
Union officers whose experience as union members and workplace representatives was concentrated in the late 1960s and 1970s are more likely than those socialized in the 1950s and early 1960s to have an adversarial view of industrial relations, to distrust management, and to favor an active, militant cadre of shop stewards.
In the IKA-Renault plants, shop stewards on the morning shift stopped work in their departments and gathered the workers together to organize the factory abandonments.
Become acquainted with the union business agent and the shop stewards as your key contacts for initial and continuing activities.
ANGRY Jaguar Land Rover shop stewards have accused bosses of 'investing millions around the globe on the back of the sweat of the UK workforce' - while piling up profits of PS10 million a day.
AROUND 200 Jaguar Land Rover shop stewards have rejected a 'disappointing' threeyear pay deal worth around 14 per cent - and a ballot of 18,000 workers for action could follow.
Salmond is due to meet workers and shop stewards today to discuss the bid.
In addition, the public purse is still paying for full time trade union shop stewards throughout local government.
It seems we can afford Political Commissars and shop stewards but not librarians on planet Kirklees.