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Shop Steward

A Labor Union official elected to represent members in a plant or particular department. The shop steward's duties include collection of dues, recruitment of new members, and initial negotiations for settlement of grievances.


Labor Union.

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Union leaders claim the 54 workers at the Smethwick poultry processor plant were unfairly dismissed for defending their shop stewards against racist abuse.
This programme will roll out immediately following the Christmas break, following which, another shop stewards meeting will be held to consider what further action needs to be taken following consultation with the membership at each site.
To do that we need a substantial commitment to rebuilding and reequipping the shop stewards movement.
He also recalled his days as a shop steward at the plant where he first began work as a 19-year-old track engineer.
Zohib Javid, aged 21, is one of the suspended shop stewards.
The protests were called in support of a senior shop steward who had been suspended for complaining during work time to management about an employee allegedly being racially abused by a security guard employed by a third-party contractor.
One in three shop stewards said they were involved in developing their firm's business plans and strategies and were consulted on investment levels.
The Amicus shop stewards committee and the workforce oppose this closure which we believe will impact greatly on the local community.
The meeting at Penrith, attended by 60 shop stewards from the three unions taking part in the strike, decided to hold two more 48-hour strikes.
Shop stewards from the plant were due to meet national union officials to discuss their next move in a campaign aimed at persuading Ford to reverse its decision to end production of the Fiesta in early 2,002.
Mr Javid said: "All the people and all the shop stewards that are suspended want to be at work.
The decision followed presentations to the shop stewards and the leadership of Unite by private equity firm One Equity Partners, and Indian industrial groups Tata and Mahindra and Mahindra.