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Retailers and brands must consider how to differentiate themselves beyond price, knowing that these shoppers are willing to shop everywhere and anywhere to get a good price.
Second, a business needs to differentiate its shoppers by their value to the business and the shopper needs the business fulfills.
Shoppers should expect to get 25 to 65 percent off, she said.
Analyse awareness and usage of different digital shopper marketing initiatives among food, drink and grocery shoppers, with key focus on mobile-based technologies.
Discover the perception among shoppers of various social media platforms in relation to food & grocery marketing.
Today's shopper is an instant gratification one,'' said NRF spokeswoman Ellen Tolley.
Reusable Shopping Bags Favored by Minority of Shoppers
At the Albertson's off Orchard Village Road in Valencia, strikers were not letting shoppers get out of their car before urging them to do their shopping at stores not affected by the walkout, including Trader Joe's, Stater Bros.
Digital shopper marketing initiatives relate to the use of these media to target shoppers with everything from digital coupons, promotions and recipes - to integrated loyalty schemes, online shopping baskets and enriched product information.
In previous years when shoppers were still eager to spend, he said, retailers found ways to compete other than on price.
Shopper Marketing Trends 2010 offers a concise introduction to shopper marketing in UK food and grocery, charting key shopper trends for 2010 and shopper marketing implications for FMCGs and retailers.