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If parents knew just how often the combination of kids and shopping carts resulted in serious injuries, they would never take the risk of balancing an infant car carrier on top of the shopping cart,'' said Paul Giampavolo, president of Safe-Strap Co.
The online shopping cart provider, Cart32, announces the launch of WordPressHosting32.
Earlier this year, on the heels of mounting injuries and a tragic death, warnings were added to shopping carts to alert consumers not to place their personal infant carriers or car seats directly on the shopping cart.
com)-- There are over 500 online shopping cart programs today, and each week the Practical ecommerce Magazine features one for the Cart of the Week.
This chain has a very low profit margin on its sales, but if they can afford this very simple method to keep their shopping carts, I don't know why Ralphs, Vons, Target, et al.
Smith and his colleagues are calling for a change in the way shopping carts are designed, lowering their center of gravity or widening their wheelbase, and reducing the risk of them tipping over.
Remarketing to abandoned visitors using the Conversion Manager service converts up to 50 percent of visitors that had abandoned their shopping carts, online forms, applications and registrations.
A safer alternative for consumers who shop with infants is to use the commercial infant carriers that are specifically designed to be permanently mounted and used on shopping carts.
Most shopping carts present a major problem getting pages indexed by the search engines.
But some neighborhood activists immediately criticized the program, saying taxpayers' money shouldn't be used to collect shopping carts for grocers and other retailers.
The idea is to reinforce SeeWhy's monetary value of recovering abandoned eCommerce shopping carts and have a little fun along the way," said Scott G.
IT HAS BEEN WELL DOCUMENTED THAT SHOPPING CARTS can contain some dangerous bacteria, germs and viruses.