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For these short pulses, the spectral width of the pulse is [DELTA][[OMEGA].
Table 1: Range and Modulation of Threat Radars Type of Threat Operational Range Modulation Parameters Acquisition Radar Very long range Pulses; long PW, low PRF (often have pulse compression) Tracking Radar Shorter range, lethal Pulse, pulse Doppler, or CW; range of associated short pulses, high PRF weapons Fusing Radar Very short range, a CW or very-high-PRF pulses few times the burst radius of warhead
Strong demand exists for better quality short-wavelength and short pulse width laser sources in applications addressed by JPSA's products," commented Jeff Sercel, CEO and Chief Technology Officer of JPSA.
DUV laser picosecond class is different, such as the widespread YAG laser or green laser short pulses for fine processing, since a short wavelength, increasing the fineness in the processing by reducing the focused diameter it can, the minimum processing diameter 50?
The millimeter-band pulse transmitter carries energy in a short pulse across an extremely wide band, which must be able to extract only that band needed for transmission.
A master oscillator power amplifier design extends the pulses of the HIPPO laser to four times the average power, while maintaining its short pulse width, even at higher repetition rates.
An international group of contributors discuss optical parametric and chirped pulse amplification; ultrafast sources and amplifiers; high power fiber, short pulse, and short wavelength fiber lasers; fiber and nonlinear optics; UV and visible sources; ytterbium, neodymium, mid-infrared, and far-infrared lasers; infrared sources; growth, characterization, and spectroscopy; and advanced concepts and novel architectures.
It works by emitting a short pulse of energy, and if the pulse strikes an object (raindrop, snowflake, bug, bird, etc.
Of this amount, $3 million is provided for continued development of the petawatt laser at the University of Texas at Austin; $1 million is provided for an optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier upgrade and associated operations of the short pulse laser at the University of Nevada, Reno; $1 million is provided to the University of Nevada, Reno to continue its collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories on highly diagnosed studies of exploding wire arrays and implosion dynamics; and $1 million is provided for research using the Z-Beamlet laser at Sandia National Laboratories under the Z-Petawatt Consortium.
If a defect or an "out of grade" piece is detected, a command is issued to a patented configuration of ejectors to remove the item by a short pulse of air lasting just a few milliseconds.
The system applies a short pulse of high frequency sound on the surface of the part under test to create minute amounts of localized frictional heating in the defect area.

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