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This short novel suffers from a lingering sense of aimlessness which reaches its climax at the end.
Love and lust exist everywhere, even in the tightly knit, stingy, conservative French village that is the settling for this short novel by the author of the acclaimed Suite Francaise.
It takes talent to put such a complete tale together in a relatively short novel.
The Tree Nobody Wanted: A Christmas Story is a short novel for young adults that truly embodies the holiday spirit.
Playing for Pizza is a short novel about a fallen American football star who can no longer get work in the National Football League and whose agent, as a last resort, signs a deal for him to play for the Parma Panthers, in Parma, Italy.
Using comments gleaned from discussions with Lucette Desvignes when writing her biography (Lucette Desvignes sur le chemin de la vandange [Precy-sous-Thil: Editions de l'Armancon, 2004], 16) and in a recent interview ("Looking Back, Looking Forward: An Interview with Lucette Desvignes" [September 6-27, 2004]), we intend to demonstrate how she transformed a short novel, La Seconde Visite, into a play, and again into a short novel, enriching the work in the process.
Parts of this short novel are so funny I can imagine Langston Hughes pausing to laugh while writing it.
I read and reread this passage, trying to arrive at an interpretation different from the manifest one, namely, that Pynchon is somehow critical of his own short novel.
This short novel tells the story of Beansie and his first experience with school.
The play, originally a short novel by Wilde, charts the frenzied attempts by bumbling aristocrat Lord Arthur to devise the perfect murder after clairvoyant Septimus Podgers reveals he will kill before he weds.
His short novel Of Mice And Men, published in 1937, received huge acclaim and was later adapted by the author into a three-act play.
Barrie's narrative originally appeared as a play and then as a short novel in 1904 and 1911 respectively, today's reader is probably more familiar with the 1953 Disney film, the 1960 television film starring Mary Martin, not to mention the its other, more recent cinematic reincarnations.