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There is something about the short novel that particularly agrees with me.
The first five or six pages devoted to this topical theme were those of a short novel, the title La Seconde Visite--having never changed in spite of the avatars of the text (Lucette Desvignes, La Seconde Visite [Precy-sous-Thil: Editions de l'Armancon, 2003], 6-11).
Barrie's narrative originally appeared as a play and then as a short novel in 1904 and 1911 respectively, today's reader is probably more familiar with the 1953 Disney film, the 1960 television film starring Mary Martin, not to mention the its other, more recent cinematic reincarnations.
Dorian,'' a contemporary updated version of the Wilde short novel that Mellon co-wrote with Duane Poole (book) and Scott DeTurk (music), comes to New York following workshops in L.
This winter, a French writer named Phil Marso published a short novel aimed at young readers and written entirely in France's own intricately developed cellphonic argot.
Entrants must submit a story of up to 10,000 words or a short novel of less than 17,000 words.
Kis's first work, a short novel Mansarda (The Attic, 1962), concerns the growing pains of young people.
Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II debuted Show Boat, now honored as the first real book musical, and Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart penned A Connecticut Yankee (in King Arthur's Court), based on Mark Twain's short novel.
This short novel addresses many issues pertinent to the nonfiction Navy, namely: is the Navy, specifically the air Navy, bad enough to warrant leaving it, or just how tough and perhaps patriotic are you and how much do you really want to fly carrier jets?
It was perhaps not quite the precursor of the Gothic novel in the manner the same notes also claim but there is no doubt that this short novel, which first appeared in 1766, is an important text for all those interested in the evolution of French fiction.
In 1898 he wrote a short novel about a great ocean liner named the Titan that goes down in the North Atlantic after striking an iceberg.
The lower court ruled that Yuu, 31, had defamed the former friend in her short novel "Ishi Ni Oyogu Sakana" (A Fish Swimming in Stones), by modeling a woman in the story after her.