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Rather than relying on clinicians' and researchers' assumptions, she sought to learn from parents themselves, both those who would and would not seek medical care for a child's short stature.
The committee constituted by Commissioner of Karachi for the welfare of short stature people was said to include representatives of social welfare, transport department, State Bank of Pakistan besides different private facilities.
The clinical spectrum of SHOX mutation carriers is quite variable, ranging from normal to the mesomelic short stature of LWD.
Clinical features and complications of Alstrom syndrome Patient Presentation (*) Literature, % in the present study Retinal degeneration 98 + Sensorineural deafness 89 + Diabetes 82 + Obesity 98 - Acanthosis nigricans 68 + Hypergonadotropic 78 + hypogonadism Hypothyroidism 17 - Short stature 98 + Hepatic dysfunction 92 + Dilated cardiomyopathy 60 + Renal dysfunction 49 + *- 1.
The dwarf known as Romito 2 was characterized by unusually short forearms and lower legs, resulting in a rather short stature.
The syndrome refers to a specific pattern of physical features and developmental delays which include: short stature, similar unique facial features, delayed language, broad thumbs and/or toes, some level of mental retardation and a possibly shortened life expectancy.
Inspired by the short stature of one of the staff, the design was based on the life of gnomes.
Women of short stature and delicate constitution, however, should seek less nerve-wracking ways to enhance their beauty as the leg operation is not for the squeamish.
They discovered that short stature and a short life have always gone hand in hand.
Scientists who analysed skeletal remains from an excavation site in North-east England discovered that short stature and a short life have always gone hand in hand.
In a study of 7,543 low-risk women, short stature (less than 5 feet 2inches) was associated with nearly a doubling in the risk of cesarean section among nulliparous (odds ratio 1.
Milan, though, with his broad torso and wild look, wasn't right on the Diaghilev bill for Le Spectre de la Rose, Fokine's evocation of a girl's dream, whereas Gagliardi made his short stature an asset in the title role of Fokine's tragic fairgrounds fantasy, Petrouchka.