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TON. Twenty hundred weight, each hundred weight being one hundred and twelve pounds avoirdupois. See act of congress of Aug. 30, 1842, c. 270, s. 20.

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Potash production in the first quarter of 2010 was 172,000 short tons compared to 137,000 short tons produced in the first quarter of last year.
Potash production in the quarter was 124,000 short tons compared to 201,000 short tons produced in the fourth quarter of 2008.
Table 5: Global coal market volume forecast: billion short tons, 2011-16 28
Coal consumption increased 1 percent to 1,105 million short tons.
Total linerboard capacity in the South amounts to about 16 million annual short tons (36% of global capacity), with Georgia accounting for nearly 20% of that capacity.
Potash production in the quarter was 131,000 short tons compared to 210,000 short tons produced in the second quarter of 2008, as we continued to manage supply in response to decreased customer demand.
Data presented in the Monthly Energy Review and in other Energy Information Administration publications are expressed predominately in units that historically have been used in the United States, such as British thermal units, barrels, cubic feet, and short tons.
This will reduce the company's annual coated boxboard capacity by approximately 70,000 short tons or 12%.
Potash sales in the first quarter were 99,000 short tons compared to 213,000 short tons in the first quarter of 2008.
9 million short tons, and the Faustina ammonia plant with an annual capacity of 560,000 short tons.
Potash sales in the fourth quarter were 94,000 short tons compared to 215,000 short tons in the fourth quarter of 2007.
5 million short tons were 20 percent below the prior-year level of 1.