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During our vacation this summer, Sid held on to his dear camera and went about taking unending pictures.
Sid, 73, died on Wednesday after battling a short illness and tributes have flooded in to a man who was revered by all at Everton and on Merseyside.
But once they'd caught up, we settled down into the famous living room, and Sid and his boys talked daddy duties, dumps and DIY.
Unfortunately, Sid wasn't microchipped so we couldn't contact his owner directly.
Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth builds upon that success by pushing the series in new directions with players exploring an unknown future on an alien planet.
Word spreads and soon Sid is an international drug dealer for a growing cohort of old folks, eventually enlisting help from beautiful Danni, a childhood friend from the nearby Native American Tohono O'odham nation.
Now Sid, 42, says he enjoys LA so much he plans to move there - and already has work lined up.
Sid, Ricky Butcher in the soap, has revealed he enjoys the sunshine lifestyle so much he plans to move there for good - and has already got work lined up.
I knew that coming back to Ally Pally would be ghostly - you can hear Sid rattling his tungsten chains and it feels uncomfortable without him," said Lanning, 74.
Sid was sallying over the bridge and didn't even look back as he asked the question.
A doctor in the audience tried to save his life but Sid was pronounced dead on arrival at the city's Royal Infirmary.