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There's some natty callback material as the show progresses while the wordplay throughout is exquisite - few comics boast quite such a mastery of the simile in particular - but some of the topics wear a little thin.
Daragh O'Connell discusses Dante's novel poetic practice, including self-fashioning, focusing in particular on his use of maritime similes, as the title indicates: 'Dante's Silent Ship: Similes, Swimming and Seafaring in the Commedia.
Other similes such as shrub of intellect and bat of wisdom in the following lines are classified in abovementioned:
It is a more credible stance the more the poem speaks to us, the more its figures--its similes, for example--seem consonant with our inner world.
Charming similes and playful dialogue express Tweezle's adorable character, constantly trying to prove he is big: "I not baby .
There's nothing quite like a powerful simile to impress and engross a reader.
The researchers asked 24 men and women to indicate, while in a functional MRI scanner, whether they could understand a series of metaphors or similes.
A recent interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart not only reminded us of the Iliad, however; our subsequent discussions of it led us to reconsider some Iliadic similes that we had interpreted in our earlier publications.
No entanto, nao se pode ignorar que, neste lugar do texto em particular, o simile nao e de modo nenhum a excepcao, pois o que se encontra entre os versos 455-483 e uma longa sequencia de similes, de tal modo que dissimulada fica no enunciado a possibilidade de se considerar esta sequencia como uma "interrupcao" mais ou menos assignificativa (no sentido em que esta seria meramente ornamental) da accao no seu cenario de guerra (8).
Some of the metaphors and similes used are somewhat exaggerated and don't really help, and there are times too when the voice used does not really sound like that of a sixteen year-old girl.
There is also a certain poetic or elusive quality to his work and his metaphors and similes can catch readers off guard.
But no, he meant it when he declared, "One has to regard a man as a Master who can produce on average three uniquely brilliant and entirely original similes to every page.