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Or the similes whose structure is not metaphorical, so that it specifies one or two letters from a word an d creates themes.
By writing poetry, in general; in particular, by making and multiplying similes.
There's nothing quite like a powerful simile to impress and engross a reader.
The researchers asked 24 men and women to indicate, while in a functional MRI scanner, whether they could understand a series of metaphors or similes.
Because Homeric epic is traditional poetry (composed in performance and handed down for centuries without the technology of writing), Homeric similes accumulate additional meaning and resonance over time.
Yet distinguishing between an adjective and an adverb or a noun and a verb is much easier than making the distinction between a simile and a metaphor.
In a fit of journalistic integrity I bought Right Ho, Jeeves before writing this column, but even though I read quite a bit of it, I was unable to find any brilliant and entirely original similes in its pages.
His unique use of similes, metaphors and allegories gives him a prominent place in Sindh language and literature he concluded.
Leedy's cleverly written book introduces readers to the craft of similes in telling the hilarious story of Babette the sheep, who is trying to catch Rufus the fox.
The Year 4 children at St Patrick's RC Primary, in Deedmore Road, Wood End, were taught about the use of similes, metaphors and rhyming words.
I never metaphor I didn't like; a comprehensive compilation of history's greatest metaphors, analogies, and similes.
That's just the start of the mind-bending similes and metaphors sprinkled around Suzanne's set like magic dust.