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For the movement, for the passion and the leadership on the pitch, he is very similiar to Raul," Capello said.
Are they similiar to the emerald ash borer or is this something else and is it expected to spread throughout the Midwest?
Raleigh is following in the footsteps of new Giants teammate Paul Smith, who received a similiar nomination while at Rochdale two years ago.
I believe that four quality buys and a couple of squad men similiar to the standard of the other lot will do us fine.
When the West series makes its first of two appearances at Irwindale tonight, teams and drivers will face a similiar scenario.
It was thought Hoult was ready to ask for a transfer just after Jason Roberts made a similiar request.
Similiar clinics exist in the Netherlands and Switzerland.
The sweetener, which is extracted from the milk product lactose, has a similiar production process to sugar.
Zipes suggests volunteer sudden-cardiac-death response teams, similiar to the effective Neighborhood Crime Watch or volunteer fire department programs.
Durant's examination of this and similiar constructions of the '60s and '70s is not a "revival"; nor is it art history.
which more than offset a similiar increase in total costs and expenses," said Steven S.
One prohibited literacy tests or similiar devices in those jurisdictions where they had been used and where voter registration or turnout in the 1964 presidential election was below 50 percent--southern states.