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SIMPLE CONTRACT. One, the evidence of which is merely oral, or in writing, not under seal, nor of record. 1 Chit. Contr. 1 1 Chit. Pl. 88; and vide 11 Mass. R. 30 11 East, R. 312; 4 Barn. & Ald. 588; Stark. Ev. 995; 2 Bl. Com. 472.
     2. As contracts of this nature are frequently entered into without thought or proper deliberation, the law requires that there be some good cause, consideration or motive, before they can be enforced in the courts. The party making the promise must have obtained some advantage, or the party to whom it is made must have sustained some injury or inconvenience in consequence of such promise; this rule has been established for the purpose of protecting weak and thoughtless persons from the consequences of rash, improvident, and inconsiderate engagements. See Nudum pactum. But it must be recollected this rule does not apply to promissory notes, bills of exchange or commercial papers. 3 M. & S. 352.

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3) among the three simple contracts is achieved when offering a contract with an annual surplus participation rate and a money-back guarantee (g = 0 percent) only.
a) the first field for the operation of the equitable doctrine concerned the enforcement of bonds, (b) with respect to the bonds, the expressions "obligation" and "condition" are not employed in the same or corresponding sense as appears in dealing with the breach of contractual promises, and (c) it does not follow, as the ANZ would have it, that in a simple contract the only stipulations which engage the penalty doctrine must be those which are contractual promises broken by the promisor.
A simple contract signing ceremony was held at Ministry of IT marking launch of first ever project of its kind for bringing Broadband to small cities and towns.
Instead, the college asserted that the sabbatical question is one of simple contract law.
Guida, 57, said he wanted a simple contract and noted that he would provide his own cellular telephone and car, though he will be reimbursed for work-related mileage.
A simple contract to purchase 10,000 bushels of wheat at the current market price of $10/bushel would not qualify as a derivative because: 1) the leverage requirement would not be met since the net investment (i.
Marriage is indeed more than a simple contract between spouses.
After awarding a PBSA, many of us must also face the challenges of administering a contract that demands specialized skills and resources beyond simple contract compliance (Interagency-Industry Partnership in Performance, 2003).
City staff members portrayed the change to the annexation agreement as a simple contract amendment between two parties.
Actions in contract - six years from the date on which the cause of action accrued for actions arising under a simple contract, such as a breach of contract, and 12 years for actions arising under a deed.
Privately owned, Gerber works with a number of different brand owners on a tailored basis from simple contract packing through to full agency agreements.
Their inability to perform a simple contract termination caused Claire months of heartache and anguish.

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