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BILL, SINGLE, contracts. A writing by which one person or more, promises to another or others, to pay him or them a sum of money at a time therein specified, without any condition. It is usually under seal; and when so, it is sometimes, if not commonly, called a bill obligatory. (q. v.) 2 S. & R. 115.
     2. It differs from a promissory note in this, that the latter is always payable to order; and from a bond, because that instrument has always a condition attached to it, on the performance of which it is satisfied. 5 Com. Dig. 194; 7 Com. 357.

SINGLE. By itself, unconnected.
     2. A single bill is one without any condition, and does not depend upon any future event to give it validity. Single is also applied to an unmarried person; as, A B, single woman. Vide Simplex.

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These new offers from Virgin Holidays show that they appreciate the value of single parent families, and we hope other companies will follow in their footsteps.
In the end, the most important message that Dr Rasmi has for single parents and their children is that "their family life can be just as strong".
Being a single parent is twice the work, twice the stress and twice the tears, but also twice the hugs, twice the love and twice the pride.
Flights home, so that children can meet their grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles are essential, and often out of reach of a single parent.
Working single parents in the poorest fifth of households are set to lose the most - an average 7% of their income or the same as almost a month's salary.
They spent 22 percent of the years between ages 14 and 16 living with a single parent, with 26 percent spending any of those years living with a single parent.
that single parent i received TANF cash benefits in 2007 and No a negative outcome.
Garrison, whose children are aged 5, 6 and 8, said that support from her adviser, Felicia Messuri, helped her overcome challenges that many single parents face.
Many single parents feel out of place when surrounded by two-parent families," points out Wade.
I urge you to learn more about the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund (ASPSF.
05] in level of depression between adolescents living with both parent and single parent groups.
Single Parent Association is based on the existence of one person in the family who assumes the role of both father and mother at the same time in a society that may be harsh in all areas, said the Associations chairwoman Salwa Al-Rayyes during an event held to celebrate the Associations inauguration of its premises in Jabal Amman, in the

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