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To test this hypothesis, we performed plate sinkage test (PST) and confined compression test (CCT) in which part of samples of remoulded fine and coarse textured soils were subjected to five compression cycles and the resulting changes in [[sigma].
Jorge de la Madrid Virgen, coordinator of infrastructure and transportation at the Colegio de Ingenieros Civiles de Mexico (CICM), pointed out that the airport designers have addressed the sinkage problems.
While the Republican plan didn't gain enough traction to have its merits debated thoroughly, it's clear that passage of SCHIP is leading to medical-care sinkage.
to reduce the amount of grave sinkage subsequent to the interment.
Because the dam is jointly maintained by the DCR and the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA), both organizations are looking to solve the sinkage problem and get under way with PCB eradication.
Kansai has been in the news in recent months as it has suffered problems with land sinkage and a reduction in traffic as both domestic and international carriers revise their schedules.
Sinkage is apparently worst around the centre of the island where key airport facilities are housed, according to The Associated Press.
A wreath with faded artificial flowers and a figure of the Sacred Heart in the middle is at the head of the grave, which is showing signs of sinkage.
Tenders are invited for Removal Of Slipped Earth/Boulder/Trees And Repairs To Sinkage, Settlement Of Track Including Immediate Protection Of Track From Further Sliping Provision Of Sausage Crate, Retaining Wall Etc Including Any Other Ancillary Works In Lumding-Silchar Section.