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SAINTS & SINNERS night, billed by Hamilton as the highlight of its season, could be switched to Ayr next year following a 42-year association with the first-named track, writes Andrew Scutts.
supporters say is, they make a distinction between "unrepentant sinners" and themselves, who are sinners but work hard and are saved, That puts them a step up on the rest of us, I guess.
Luke 5:32 (New Living Translation) JESUS spent time with sinners and became their friend.
An equally rich crowd of sinners include Angelo in Measure for Measure and King Edward II in Edward II by Christopher Marlowe, both of whom are tempted by lust.
If the sinners do not make the extra effort, the Stability and Growth Pact will become an empty shell.
Perhaps if then Judge L'Heureux-Dube were to reflect on what good parents do every day she would gain insight into the crucial moral distinction between sinners and sins.
ORIGINAL SINNERS: ``Original Sinners,'' (Nitro) - Two and one half stars
We met some who simply refused to "publish" bad reports of sinners who would not be reformed.
To Parlamente who finds the punishment reasonable and to Longarine who holds that nothing can ever make up for the loss of a woman's honor, Ennasuite is quick to respond by proposing the image of the greatest of penitent sinners, Mary Magdalen.
SEATTLE -- Oberon Games, a leading publisher and developer of casual games, is pleased to announce the release of the latest title in its successful Saints & Sinners franchise: Saints & Sinners Bowling.
ALEXANDRA Burke will top the bill at Ayr Racecourse's Saints and Sinners Night in June.