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In the meantime, the crisis that we think is of a Sisyphean proportion, will possibly blow over.
Mauch of the University of Western Sydney set himself a Sisyphean task to try to convince his readers that Nomura whose ambassadorship in Washington ended with the attack on Pearl Harbor deserves better than to be remembered by Westem scholars only as "a well-intentioned, but bumbling and amateurish diplomat" who according to Professor Robert Butow had "no business being where he was" (p, xiiv).
Working conditions were dismal, mothers sometimes brought their children to work, and although the textile industry had a long history of sporadic organising, the company was known to break its contracts and the Sisyphean task had to start all over again.
This Sisyphean task is frustrated by multiple failures, interruptions, people coming down the narrow stairs, including a nanny with a baby carriage and a self-important music professor played by Billy Gilbert, a regular in the Hal Roach studio productions.
With some MPs this is a Sisyphean task, a constant battle to get the more open answer and a task which inevitably sees the reporter left to pitch the question again and again.
This appears to be the result of the government's latest Sisyphean effort to buoy real estate prices.
We believe that until the PIIGS economies start demonstrating real economy improvements, any liquidityabased measures such as bailouts will be Sisyphean toil.
With the government receiving abundant military support, lacking legitimacy and maintaining poor relations with the local communities in areas where extremist groups operate, the counter terrorism policy continues to be a Sisyphean task.
Such a Sisyphean task can seem particularly tedious when the data's statistical significance remains uncertain to the reader.
As credit unions have found over the last decade or more, changing law can be a Sisyphean effort.
Therefore I trust the effort of the Greek statesmen is Sisyphean and eventually is not going to pay off," Minister Milososki said.
Nowhere is Israel's Chutzpah more acute than in the story the Palestinian actor and director Muhammad Bakri and the Sisyphean war waged on his 2002 documentary Jenin Jenin.