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But any hopes she had were shattered when she suffered a thigh injury at 4-2 down in the third and became a sitting target as the Italian finished the match.
AS ONE of the original gods of Heavy Metal, Rob Halford knows that he is a sitting target for Spinal Tap parodies - and he couldn't care less.
Di was alone in the car and security chiefs say she was a sitting target for terrorists or kidnappers.
I'm guessing the skill and courage required to bag an alligator is considerably less than shooting at fish in a barrel, as these unsuspecting animals are basically a sitting target, similar to that of a log.
Charlie Lister's outsider, for all she put in a career-best performance, was a sitting target for Flying Winner, though, and the Regency champion came through to lead at the penultimate turn and drew right away to win by over ten lengths in 55.
London mayor Ken Livingstone says the UK is a sitting target.
So Craig would be better starting to develop an instinct for self preservation, because at the moment he's acting like a man who's determined to make himself a sitting target for his enemies.
But the utility player is adamant Raith are a sitting target as long as they're out in front.
Bowman, overlooked for a ride in the Derby, covered up Charlie Delta off the strong pace in the 6f claimer and just pushed out the four-year-old to get past sitting target Viewforth.
In such a climate and with a nuclear plant that had already been the subject of safety scares, the biggest Evangelical church in Visaginas was a sitting target for fear and paranoia.
From the pictures, it looks like these huts were a sitting target for crime, and that the security measures were appalling.