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Additional rainfall of 100-200 mm (4-8 inches) was predicted from Thursday through Sunday, keeping the situation critical for several more days.
Situation Critical Sky Living, 7pm FACTUAL We meet more people from New Zealand, desperately in need of organ or tissue transplants.
NNA - AN-ANAHAR: Aoun rejects March 14's initiative to elect consensual president Salam to An-nahar: Financial situation critical ASSAFIR: Numbers of "finance ministry" : expenses, electricity deficit, debt service increases and growth 1% Kidnapped military file: "Exchange" impossible AL-MUSTAQBAL: Berri's indirect refusal, Aoun's "carelessness" and "Hezbollah" adheres to its "known" candidate March 14 knocks door of presidential settlement AL-AKHBAR: Berri, Jumblatt: No presidential initiative THE DAILYSTAR: March 14 ready for deal over president The March 14 coalition offered Tuesday to strike a deal with its March 8 rivals on a consensus candidate for the presidency, in the latest attempt to break the deadlock that has left Lebanon with no president for more than three months.
Moreover, the company has virtually run out of transformers and has been unable or unwilling to get repaired the burnt-out transformers, turning the situation critical.
That is what makes the situation critical and it needs to be looked at hour by hour, day by day.
It is situation critical for Alastair Cook's men after yesterday's eight-wicket trouncing at the Feroz Shah Kotla.
But, if factories, tourism and commerce don't pick up they'll be left with only enough to cover three months - situation critical.
For them, the continual slowdown in permitting has gone situation critical, leaving them with the uncomfortable choice between economic ruin or leaving the Gulf entirely for other regions of the world.
President Falahi Anjuman Wholesale Vegetable market, Haji Shahjahan, termed the situation critical when approached by the Daily Times.
Supporting his resolution, Zafarullah Zehri termed current law and order situation critical and the representatives could not visit their respective constituencies in view of deteriorating peace situation with rampant remote control and suicide bombing incidents taking place all around in the country.
Combine that with an injury situation critical enough to make Florence Nightingale wince and the absence of a recognised place-kicker for the first half of the season and it is easy to see why Stourbridge have fallen into the relegation zone.
There are more First Nations children and youth in institutional care in Canada than there were at the height of residential school operations in the 1940s," Blackstock wrote, calling the situation critical.

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