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[Latin, Situation; location.] The place where a particular event occurs.

For example, the situs of a crime is the place where it was committed; the situs of a trust is the location where the trustee performs his or her duties of managing the trust.


n. Latin for location, be it where the crime or accident took place or where the building stands.


noun locale, locality, location, locus, place, placement, point, position, site, situation
Associated concepts: situs of a crime
See also: locality, situated, situation

SITUS. Situation;, location. 5 Pet. R. 524.
     2. Real estate has always a fixed situs, while personal estate has no such fixed situs; the law rei site regulates real but not the personal estate. Story, Confl. of Laws, Sec. 379.

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Dextrocardia was defined as isolated dextrocardia, occurring in conjunction with situs solitus and situs ambiguous.
All the other cases (124 cases) had situs solitus, levocardia and left cardiac axis between 60[degrees] and 90[degrees].
In a review of myocardial infarction and dextrocardia, Ptashkin et al came across nine cases in the literature, with only one case occurring with situs solitus (16).