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Dove hunting is a long-standing tradition in the South," said Jason Young, member of the Six Shooter Land and Timber, LLC.
Vermeer has introduced a new compact horizontal directional drill (HDD) model, the 5,500-pound-pullback Six Shooter.
With left shoulder poised, ready to throw, And six shooter drawn fast at the foe, Mom's tough little guy, Now not at all shy, Struts in dreamland as soft, warm winds blow.
I reckon they's still drinkin' and a shootin' up the town (that Lisa's a hellion with a six shooter I hear), and that's jes' what they should be doin', I don't guess.
Also back Stewart at 4-1 to come out on top of Stan James' Six Shooter list.
Beginning with a small catalog of KUFALA Recordings, Lime Wire will soon host a growing 3,000-song catalog including rare live concerts and the label catalogs from Hyena, Sonic Boom, Fundamental, and Six Shooter Records.
OTCQX: XBOR) ("Cross Border" or "the Company"), today announced execution of a participation agreement in the Big Star Six Shooter project targeting 320 gross acres within the Wolfberry Trend, Dawson County, Texas.
A Colt Frontier Six Shooter is absolutely nothing different from a standard Peacemaker except its chambered in .
McDonagh won best live action short film for Six Shooter.
Ruaidhri Conroy, star of the Oscar-winning short film Six Shooter, was barred from entering the States because he overstayed a visa by two days in 1998.
introduces the new Rough Rider six shooter in the hot .
The Grade Three race has attracted last year's UAE President's Cup winner Grilla, 2010 Texas horse of the year and Texas Derby winner Chriss SWA and TM Fred Texas, a Grade Two winner of the Texas Six Shooter last month.