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It provided twice the payload of a loaded sixshooter while maintaining fast reloads.
Balcron has also completed the first commercially successful gas discovery at Sixshooter Dome, a prospect area located 50 miles west of Billings in Sweetgrass County, Mont.
That said, it is just fact the Colt SAA was King SixShooter only in myth, despite the fact it actually was the US Cavalry's official sidearm from 1873 until 1892 and did see use by a considerable number of notable Old West figures on both sides of the law.
Right after we were married in 1978 I gave her a Colt SAA fitted with a brand new 5 1/2" COLT FRONTIER SIXSHOOTER (.
The popular Model "P" sixshooter, a faithful replica of original Sam Colt design, is now available in a stunning highly polished stainless steel finish.