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Post hoc analysis of percent body fat estimates from the three methods by body weight, however implicated the difference to be between the skin fold thickness and BIA techniques.
Morphometry of the dorsal and ventral skin folds of the holotype of Neotrygon ningalooensis n.
The eight major factors, which were significant for the cause of diabetes were: PRG (No of times pregnant), PLASMA (Plasma glucose concentration in Salvia), BP (Diastolic blood pressure), THICK (Forceps skin fold thickness), INSULIN (Two hours serum insulin), BMI (Body mass index (weight/height), PEDIGREE (Diabetes pedigree function), AGE (in years), RESPONSE (1:Diabetic and 0: Non Diabetic).
The kids at 1 and 2 years were identical in measures of height and weight and skin fold and body composition," he said.
During the two-day hearing, Dewi Wyn Lewis, of Priory Veterinary Ltd, Cardigan, answered charges about inaccurate skin fold measurements and false certification relating to two visits he made as an Official Veterinarian to a farm in April 2009 to undertake tuberculin testing.
Body mass, skin fold thicknesses and circumferences of extremities were measured in 21 well-experienced extreme endurance male runners (mean [+ or -] SD, 41.
We are a lot leaner this year, there are more skin fold and body fat tests - everything is so organised.
The fitness check includes body fat measurement, skin fold test, blood pressure testing, height and weight checks.
We check their height and their weight and the skin fold measurement, which gives them the amount of the fat in their body,'' Belue said.
The anti-angiogenic potential of Defibrotide was tested in vitro using a novel angiogenesis kit (AngioKit(TM)) and in vivo using the dorsal skin fold chamber model in mice.
Getting back down to my Beijing skin fold - was a really good tick for me, that's one of the most important things is being at right weight and being physically ready to race.
The reason for this was that dewclaws hanging loose in a skin fold can cause some problems if they get caught in bushes or branches.