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formerly known as Wi-tribe) and for Skyphone Logistics Inc.
INMARSAT tambien tiene, para el servicio movil de correo publico con aeronaves, un sistema llamado Estandar Aereo, que se conoce con los nombres publicitarios de Skyphone y SITA, comercializados por los consorcios internacionales de igual nombre.
Also on This Day: 1779: Captain James Cook was murdered by natives in what is today Hawaii; 1852: London children's hospital in Great Ormond Street accepted its first patient;1929: The St Valentine's Day Massacre took place in Chicago;1946: The Bank of England was nationalised; 1989: Skyphone, the world's first satellite telephone service, was launched on the British Airways flight from London to New York.
BT hopes that as a result of the partnership, passengers on airlines using BT's Internet protocol-enhanced Skyphone satellite communications service or ALIS interactive communications and entertainment service, will be able to access the Internet via Excite.
E-mail facilities will be made possible through the use of the BT SkyPhone network and ground-based interconnection systems.
The move also covers its subsidiaries wi-tribe Telecoms Inc and Skyphone Logistics.
Vodafone has launched a new service called Vodafone Skyphone Mobile Connect that allows subscribers to connect to the Vodafone network even while they are flying.