Slander charge

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Country: Canada
State: Nova Scotia

I am being charged with slander which I don't believe happened. All info to the other party was third hand information. Do I have a leg to stand on?


Yes--they will have to prove it and that sounds as if it will be hard to do based on what you say here.
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As for the slander charge, Kapunan explained that Lim also made false and verbal tirades against Uy during a gathering at the Manila Peninsula on Oct.
Knox is also appealing her own conviction, a slander charge, in a separate trial, notes AP.
This is obviously a trial related to a slander charge and the question really becomes what truly happened.
She could now face a second slander charge after claiming in court she had been hit by police during questioning.
AMANDA KNOX may face a second slander charge after she claimed police hit her during questioning.
In a bizarre twist of history in August, Abbas Abdi, one of the leaders of the US Embassy siege in Teheran twenty years ago, was acquitted of the slander charge brought against him by anti-American hecklers.
The slander charge is separate from the murder case itself, which is due to go to an appeal hearing on November 24th.
Damianou warned that he would be pressing slander charges against the Paphos mayor.
In June, the Nasr City Appeals Court, presided over by the defendant, had acquitted Moussa of slander charges against several public figures.
After a criminal complaint filed by Qadi's lawyer Mustafa Doy-an ynal, an investigation against Arslan was launched on insult and slander charges.
Stavreski refuted all allegations and demanded that Silegov should apologize or else face slander charges within 48 hours.
He also promised to file slander charges on Tuesday against the officer who was allegedly bitten as well as a second suit claiming illegal detention.