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And well DONE, chaps, for carefully organising the work slap bang in the middle of the tourist season.
Hoylake is about as cheery as a trading estate, and just like your average trading estate you may have spotted it's got a Mr Whippy ice cream van slap bang in the middle of it.
Our city centre isn't slap bang in the middle of our city region (unlike London, Birmingham, Manchester et al), we have a river to deal with and this really needs to be recognised when planning Liverpool's future transportation needs.
It's slap bang in the city centre, so Harvey Nicks, here we come.
The club is tucked away slap bang in the middle of town, an unobtrusive little entrance beckoning to those in the know.
The proposal to close Birmingham airport and replace it with another the size of Heathrow slap bang in the Warwickshire countryside is too fantastic for words, not only for the 11,000 people who would be affected by the landing and take-off of huge planes every single minute of the day, but correspondingly for those thousands of people whose jobs would be lost in Birmingham.
When he started working for Bandit, it was the beginning of 1999, and slap bang in the middle of a school year for Cottrell.
Chairman of the Catherine-de-Barnes Residents' Association, Mr Pete Peters, said: "The general feeling among residents is that this is a ridiculous proposal which is slap bang in the middle of the Green Belt.
My spy reports: "Eamonn plays himself in a cameo role and finds himself slap bang in a holiday dream sequence being had by Frank's nemesis Patty Crocker - the 'orrible mother of his love interest Libby.
Robert Downey Jnr plays a thief turned actor who arrives in Hollywood slap bang in the middle of a very real and very noirish detective mystery.
Mr Edge said: "We are slap bang in the middle of everything.
Yet Baker and his team of wonders have received little public recognition despite playing slap bang in the middle of Newcastle's boundaries.