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SLAP-HAPPY parents queued up to appear on a TV programme called I Smack And I'm Proud and boast to the nation about how they have been hitting children from the time they were as young as 10 months old.
5 million or so subscribers who rent digital boxes appear to be almost slap-happy with delight.
Like the star herself, the production is designed to delight - from the gorgeous Tony Walton sets, to the era-specific costumes (girls in slim flapper sheaths, boys in ice-cream jackets and boaters), to the slap-happy dancing.
Speaking of shareholders, there's a slap-happy mob if ever I saw one.
Television, these days, can offend (if that is the right word in these morally slap-happy times) and so the images that appear on page after page in fine colour seem really almost conventional.
A: A slap-happy Jappy chappy with a crap-happy pappy.
Rusczyk has those SLAP-happy weirdo lines the purists love and Gareth Stehr is finally revealed in all his Kiwi glory--power, flair and a style betrothed to no other.
Kicking off with fast-paced, jazz guitar-driven number, Chinatown, the band immediately got the capacity audience on side, before ploughing into slap-happy instrumental Diga Diga Doo.
But a world in which all time is spare and empty and free, in which all relationships and problems are trivial and transient and disposable, in which days and nights spread out before us in an endless line of pointless, silly, slap-happy conversations and activities--that, it seems to me, is anything but amusing or charming to contemplate.
We're slap-happy to report that she did not sleepwalk her way through it, and in fact comes up with a perceptive, appealing and dynamic portrayal that effectively cancels out her tepid and turgid thespic 'baggage' of old.
And a well done ad can have just that transportative power - see also the Hoffmeister bear, Griff Rhys Jones cleverly being woven in to old black and white films for those Heineken commercials, the Smash alien robots, Pot Noodle's Too Gorgeous campaign and the Tango slap-happy orange man.