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However, the main fact here is that African slave traders did not ship their people to Europe and the Americas, the foreigners did
Raped at sword point by an Amazon, then enslaved by Portuguese slave traders, he is taken to Brazil, where he is converted to Islam and is given the name Sule.
The slave traders lost their biggest justification for the "toleration" of slavery in the national interest and now the "gradual" abolition of slavery appeared more immediate on the horizon.
PRINCETON - James DeWolf Perry V remembers his father talking about James DeWolf, his great-great-great-great grandfather, as "having been a slave trader, among his many other businesses.
The 25-year-old singer almost lost it on location in Jamaica when she was shown barbaric instruments used by the slave traders.
English slave traders did not tear blacks 'from their African homelands' so much as buy into the established African slave trade.
LIVERPOOL'S civic dignitaries have got themselves into a right state over renaming streets called after slave traders.
The President of Benin has also apologised for his country's role in selling Africans to the slave traders.
Pellow and his fellow seamen were captured by Barbary corsairs: a network of Islamic slave traders who had declared war on Christendom and who had been attacking European countries and enslaving thousands of Europeans.
God chooses to offer the hope of forgiveness to all the mass murderers, all the rapists and child molesters, all the terrorists and evil dictators and slave traders of history.
Their captors, Captain Ali Hakem and his network of fanatical slave traders had declared war on the whole of Christendom.
For every MT or Father Damien, the church has created thousands of inquisitors, conquistadores and slave traders.