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Prof Chinn added: "How much better it would have been if slum clearance had been more thoughtful and if working-class people had been asked for their views?
It was not until the emergency of the Great Depression, when the federal government underwrote an expanded program of slum clearance and segregated public housing projects for those displaced, that the sanitation syndrome had a huge impact on the overall design of the American city and the growth of the American ghetto.
Eleanor Roosevelt saw the original production three times and Kingsley's play helped bring about a federal study of slum clearance programs during Roosevelt's administration.
Under an established series of precedents spanning half a century, the Court recited a variety of situations in which takings have been held to constitute valid public purposes which meet the constitutional "public use" requirement, such as slum clearance and reduction in concentration of land ownership.
In his most substantive chapters, Page compellingly probes conflicts arising from the precedent-setting zoning of Fifth Avenue, slum clearance, historic preservation (with special attention to City Hall), and tree conservation and removal.
Slum clearance and rebuilding projects required Moses' unparalleled talent for complex coordination.
The play, like most of Kingsley's productions, had a social purpose, and to it was ascribed some of the credit for important laws aimed at slum clearance.
The pens used by Franklin Roosevelt to enact the Social Security Bill, the Act for Slum Clearance, the Crime Bill and the Security and Exchange Commission Act.
But for some there is now prospect of relief, due to the slum clearance and the building of new homes.
Glasgow's slum clearance programme hit attendances and after sharing with Partick Thistle and Hamilton, Clyde moved to Cumbernauld, on the outskirts of Glasgow, in 1994.
The 10-year-old was hauled from his bed by police and workmen as part of a slum clearance swoop in Mumbai.
Slum clearance in mining village THIRTY-EIGHT corrugated iron-faced cottages comprising the greater part of dwellings at Boulby, the former iron-stone mining village, were being demolished under a slum clearance order.