slush fund

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But not 100 percent," Lee said when asked by journalists whether he agreed that allegations about massive slush funds, illicit transfer of control of the group to his son and bribery were true.
Hong has expressed his intention to resign over his alleged involvement in donating slush funds to presidential candidates in 1997, Yonhap News Agency reported in a dispatch from Washington earlier Tuesday, quoting informed sources.
Nonetheless, Northrop Grumman's patrons in Congress, who have lined their pockets with PAC contributions from the B-2's corporate beneficiaries, shrewdly disclosed the existence of the NRO slush fund just as they were completing their final maneuvers to fund the B-2.
Regardless of what these new slush funds are called, if it looks like an earmark, taxpayers are going to consider it to be an earmark.
The post Slush fund used 'to buy votes' for Germany's 2006 World Cup appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
We are a very strong and highly viable business; however, the real question is how many other small businesses may also have been negatively affected due to Wells Fargo building their slush funds using existing account balances as a guide.
MoD police seized 386 boxes of evidence of the slush fund from a warehouse in Hertfordshire last week.
Thus was the notion of a slush fund expressed in bureaucratic parlance.
In another campus newspaper, Von Carp and fellow student Owen Rounds wrote a series of exposes detailing irregularities in OSPIRG's financial reports, complaining that the group rarely spent money on campus issues, and alleging that it and another PIRG had formed a virtual slush fund.
The daring theft of a government slush fund (code-named Swordfish) becomes a high-stakes game of life and death that keeps everyone guessing until the end.
The MG Rover Trust Fund should have been called a slush fund because now we see that the workers who created the wealth of this fund will probably miss out on any payment (Mail, May 3).
The first bailout bill passed a few weeks ago is already pumping what will eventually be billions of dollars into a slush fund to benefit organizations like ACORN and its affiliate, the ACORN Housing Council (AHC).