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Covering the Pacific Northwest, Jeff Theiler joins Union Bank from Bank of the West, where he was a Small Business Administration Specialist.
Founded on the principle that small businesses, the backbone of a vital American economy, should receive the fair treatment promised by the Small Business Act of 1953, the ASBL monitors existing policies and proposed policy changes by the Small Business Administration and other federal agencies that affect its members.
It's not a lack of outreach,'' said Roberto Barragan, president of the VEDC, which administers a micro-lending program in Pacoima that provides up to $150,000 in loans annually and contracts with the federal Small Business Administration.
While it is not yet known what the financial impact of the investigation on BLX will be, Fitch views positively the understanding that the Small Business Administration (SBA) is working with BLX to remain a preferred lender in the SBA 7(a) program as it ensures that BLX will continue to operate as a going concern.
of Glendale, new head of the Small Business Administration, keeps abreast of the news from his Washington, D.
Loan products include conventional business and commercial loans, as well as government guaranteed Small Business Administration (SBA) loans.
and Rudy Hernandez, chief executive officer, show one of their fine-art reproductions to Alberto Alvarado, a representative of the Small Business Administration.
The Small Business Administration generally defines a small business as having less than 500 employees or less than $5 million in sales.
He also is a member of the National Latino Healthcare Task Force and was recently appointed to the National Advisory Council of the United States Small Business Administration.
In the first deal of its kind, two local filmmakers have bankrolled their film with taxpayer money through a loan from the Small Business Administration, rather than seeking studio backing.
Small Business Administration (SBA) officials on the other and ask: "What's wrong with the 8(a) program?

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