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The bottom of the frame is beveled to form a small magazine well, and the fit of the mainspring housing to the lines on the frame is flawless.
I've just been slapped down by the latest obstacle in the story of my attempt to first open a business bank account and then get a payment gateway for the website of my very small magazine publishing business.
Editors and professors of communications, journalism, and advertising and public relations from the US address the most common grammar and usage mistakes that students make, how to think like an editor, editing responsibilities across media, ethics and the law, headlines and headings, typography, photograph editing, page design and layout on paper and screen, social media and online content, YouTube and citizen reporters, and the process of editing a small magazine.
Dear Sylvia, I have been offered a job, or at least I thought I had, at a small magazine.
A WITH these small magazine collections, it can be a little hit and miss when it comes to selling them.
Scott's men moved so quickly that most of the fort was quickly captured intact, though one small magazine did explode causing Scott to fall from his horse and break his collar bone.
He also oversaw dramatic development in the company's China division, taking it from a small magazine and events operator to a highly profitable, fast-growing online business.
Founded in San Francisco, the first issue was a small magazine with mimeographed pages and a lithographed cover.
As noted by the Managing Editor, the award honored not only the deserving but small magazine staff, but also the many writers and photographers who consistently contribute to this effort.
In reality the organisations were unknowingly agreeing to place a new advert in a small magazine or website set up with a deliberately misleading name such as Nursing Today Limited or BMJ UK Limited, which had no connection to similarly-titled established magazines, such as the British Medical Journal.
Reproductions of artists' skyscape and large photographs of skies, small magazine photo cutouts of skies for inspiration, if sketching indoors, crayons or oil pastels on 12 x 18" (30.

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