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NORD Smooth Surface Motors are readily available and configurable with the NORDBLOC.
Lyndex-Nikken's new high performance VC Toolholder, operating at up to 40,000rpm, offers the ultimate in high speed, high accuracy and ultra smooth surface finishes.
Their fine pitch enables aggressive metal removal and results in smooth surface finishes.
You will need: An old CD, bottle top from a sports drink, glue, balloon, smooth surface.
The company has developed a value-added, waterproof coating that delivers a smooth surface to strand board or any other structural wood product.
The AS Series features a smooth surface which is said to be easy to clean.
The other heat saw the Ann Wade-trained Smooth Surface lead all for a runaway six length victory over Ballydaniel Hare in 28.
Because they don't want to have an interruption in the smooth surface and because it is necessary for the airbag to deploy efficiently, they skive the perimeter of the door opening in the back of the leather such that when the bag deploys the skiving has sufficiently prepared the leather so that it pops out of the way as the bag breaks through.
Smaller grains sit closer together to produce that smooth surface finish, but that also means that the mold produced will be less permeable, trapping gases within that would have seeped out of more porous sands.
Zippered front closure, reinforced with hook-and-pile which provides a smooth surface when worn with OTV
Cold rolled steel offers a smooth surface finish and many style options, in addition to strength and durability.
To play, all you need is a smooth surface and a big pile of seeds or dried beans.