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Police officials said at least three other cow smugglers fled the spot.
The assailants cum smugglers equipped with sophisticated weapons reportedly reached the residence of Mian Yasin in Wafaqi Colony on last Thursday.
Sources said five cattle smugglers, who were ferrying five cows and 10 oxen in a UP- bound truck, were chased and stopped by villagers in Sarahan and the smugglers met with an accident while they were trying to escape to Nahan.
The escape to Europe gave me hope of a normal life -- at the least -- and that would not have been possible without the smugglers.
General manager of The Smugglers Cove, Zeljko Susnjar, says: "The whole team at The Smugglers Cove are delighted we have entered the record books - we are all very proud of our collection of rum and it is something that really intrigues our guests; we get quite a number of visitors who come just to look at the rum cabinet.
There were two incidents at different place in Sheshachalam forest in Chandragiri mandal where the smugglers attacked the forest and police department personnel.
A gunfight occurred between police and smugglers in Seshachalam forest at around 05:00 a.
According to the broadcaster, the two smugglers were shot by Egyptian troops near the border area of Nitzana, the Israeli radio reported Tuesday.
The smugglers had opened fire at the guards when they were confronted for trying to smuggle in 140 kg of hashish, said Interior Ministry spokesman Maj.
Najwa added that the smugglers running the trip were of different nationalities: Egyptian, Libyan and Palestinian .
RAS spokesman Benny Gilsenan said: "Regrettably we remain a target for international crime gangs who still see Ireland as being soft on smugglers.
Forces said suspected movement was noted at line of control and some gunshots were fired by the smugglers crossing over to which the BSF retaliated and gunned down one of the intruders.