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TO WIT. That is to say; namely; scilicet; (q.v.) videlicet. (q.v.)

TO WIT. To know, that is to say, namely. See Scilicet.

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Stop verbal assaults with a snappy comeback, make reasoned arguments, and learn how to deliver the truth in a guide which uses typical scenarios to show how.
As the ice melted - a common problem at this time of year in the Skydome, which was not built with dehumidifiers, any hope of a snappy comeback receded.
He attempted to make a snappy comeback, and gave the wrong impression.
Lou had the presence of mind to point out this contradiction to the professor with a snappy comeback of some kind.
In his retelling, it is no snappy comeback -- simply a methodical review of Tribune's core newspaper and broadcasting businesses, its move out of newsprint and into interactive CD-ROM media, its ever-expanding programming ventures in both broadcast and niche cable television, its stake in the America Online information service and its ownership of the regional Chicago Online database service.