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and take action now to warn your elected representatives about the coming sneak attacks.
Two days after their sneak attack, the Japanese declared war.
Levine's updated version offers ways to mount a campaign through case studies and examples on how to create your very own sneak attack to promote beneficial media exposure and, ultimately, make more money
I don't believe that terrorism has any food safety dangers, except possibly contamination of a city's water supply in a sneak attack.
Bush marked the 63rd anniversary of Japan's sneak attack on Pearl Harbor on Tuesday, comparing the war against fascism of World War II to the current fight against terrorism.
I agree with the main points of the Tom Gresham's article on the current attempts at demonizing gun ownership ("A Sneak Attack," February/March), but I would also like to state that as a gun owner with children in the house, it is my responsibility to correctly store my weapon and ammunition.
This is my sneak attack at getting them to read, write and enjoy what they read.
Bush would have to spell out why the threat from Iraq was such that, alone among all previous existing states, it could not be deterred--and why it had to be struck first, in a sneak attack announced many months in advance to ward off the imminent threat.
At about midnight on September 13, realizing that shelling Fort McHenry was ineffective, the British forged a sneak attack to distract the Americans and rush the west side of the city.
This Japanese proposal was a sneak attack on 30 years of whale conservation,'' Papastavrou said.