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The example neatly illustrates the double-standard that Glendower skirts around, and wards off any anxieties about social climbers.
in Foster 128), it revealed what Halttunen describes as a deep-rooted fear of many middle-class Ame ricans that any "vulgar boor" could suddenly "rip the fragile mask of the manner from the genteel performer and expose the would-be social climber in all his or her own underlying vulgarity" (116).
One neighbour said: "Kate's a lovely girl but her parents are social climbers, ghastly people.
We've got three top-quality named varieties of these top social climbers for only pounds 5.
Wythall Gardening Club, Mrs G Dyer - The ultimate social climbers - Clematis, Wythall Village Hall, Alcester Road, Wythall, 7.
This volume depicts a cast of vibrant characters: women as entertainers and rodeo riders (Lucille Mulhall and Bertha Blanchett), ranchers, mine owners and social climbers (Baby Doe), homesteaders and possible cattle thieves (Cattle Kate), hard-working madams and risk-taking prostitutes, and women who inspired songs and legends (Yellow Rose of Texas and Polly Bemis).
There's no cover charge, no security guards strafing the audience with cell phones, no smoking deck, no waitresses, no drunken frat boys or gossiping Hollywood social climbers, no alcohol, no Prada, no hip-hop, no valet parking, no souvenir stand.
And the social climber to beat all social climbers,Hyacinth Bucket,has done more to ruin the image of dinner parties than, well,cheese and tinned pineapple on sticks.
Like many who would rise to the top echelon of American espionage, Helms started out as a member of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the World War II precursor to the CIA, whose initials, insiders joked, also stood for "Oh, So Social" due to the social climbers who filled its ranks.
Part of the appeal of being middle class rather than working class is that the status implies a measure of self-confidence, as well as conferring approval on those who are "aspirational" - what used to be known as social climbers.
I suppose that has come about because the gobshites who can't play rugby have discovered that it is a social advantage to be seen at the game, and when twelve thousand social climbers packed into the RDS for a game between Leinster and Glasgow to witness a mauling in the muck it proves the point.
Wednesday, March 2, 2005 Wythall Gardening Club, Mrs G Dyer - The ultimate social climbers - Clematis, Wythall Village Hall, Alcester Road, Wythall, 7.