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But a pervasive weakness of rationalist models is their difficulty in answering the second question in a way that accounts convincingly for important social phenomena of altruistic collective action; that is, collective action to advance the interests of others, as manifested in various forms of organized social activism.
Epprecht's understanding of social activism is broad in scope and represented in multiple forms, ranging from academic and scholarly research to progressive religious theology and state and public health initiatives.
As she embraces social activism in regards to class distinction and gender equality, Helen M.
With the youth power being inevitably stressed as that vital clog for the necessary changes in modern outlook, millions of young people around the world participate in social activism that is organized, informed, led and assessed by the adults.
The house represents the public face of the Reverend Gordon, a leading Presbyterian churchman who for twenty-three years used the house as a manse from which he undertook many important activities in the area of social activism.
The Vision and Impact of Fethullah Gulen: A New Paradigm for Social Activism.
But students in Chile have taken to "spontanious" dance as their tool of social activism.
Impressionable Xan, desperate for approval, follows Harry as he takes his social activism too far.
The goal of ABV is not to become the newest political party in Bulgaria, but rather to create a network of social activism and leadership, explained Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov.
This major step in the legal recognition of LGBT rights is a result of intense political, academic and social activism.
They are distinguished most by a change in culture through political and social activism.
AaThe fifth Beirut Media Forum brought together the media-savvy for 10 lectures addressing obstacles facing socio-political documentary filmmakers and the rise of online social activism and citizen journalism in the Arab region.