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Due to the growth in demand for social infrastructure and warehousing facilities, specialist real estate investments in the region continue to offer investors appealing returns.
The reorganization and integration brings together technologies and know-how for social infrastructure systems into the new merged company, thereby strengthening the ability to generate solutions.
Massive demand, driven by the effects of apartheid and a growing population, has intensified the need for the South African Government to implement social infrastructure development programmes," notes Frost & Sullivan's Environmental and Building Technologies Research Analyst James Milne.
Saudi Arabia's low public debt levels, which are among the lowest in the world, is demonstrating its ability to meet its social infrastructure project spending demands,' remarked Ozair Shaiq, conference director of Saudi Construction Summit, which will be held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from June 19 to 22.
Speaking about the Kingdom's budget for 2011 that projected spending at SR580 billion, the king said the government would focus on implementing social infrastructure projects as well as developing industries to increase national products that would support the economy along with oil resources.
Terrence Wickham, who heads up Bunengi's Social Infrastructure Division, said; "Education and healthcare are at the very core of Bunengi's social infrastructure work.
The National Housing Institute (INVI) program is building homes and social infrastructure in 61 communities, benefiting more than 18,500 people, according to CAF.
Indian businessmen Jetli and Sethi examine current challenges and inadequacies of economic and social infrastructure in India and present policy and institutional reform recommendations for infrastructure development.
Path 1 targets a district's relationship with stakeholders in the external environment, Path 2 focuses on a district's core and supporting work processes, and Path 3 covers a district's internal social infrastructure.
In the first six months, Toshiba saw increases in all of its business segments, including digital products, electronic devices and social infrastructure.
The proposals are aimed at developing social infrastructure in Africa through Japan's official development assistance modeled on aid programs for Asian countries that have made rapid economic growth in recent decades.
fund to finance construction of social infrastructure such as power plants, waterworks and sewage systems to cash in on utility fees the facilities' users will pay.

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