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Our aim is to reduce social isolation, especially among vulnerable adults," said Susanna.
However, no one organisation can tackle social isolation.
Until now, no meta-analysis had been conducted where the effect of social isolation and loneliness on mortality has been the focus.
e workshops so far have been great in terms of boosting con-dence, learning new skills and combating social isolation.
They believe that determining whether the internet increases or decreases social isolation may happen in people's private life frameworks.
To test whether social isolation accelerates telomere shortening, Denise Aydinonat, a doctorate student at the Vetmeduni Vienna, conducted a study using DNA samples that she collected from African grey parrots during routine check-ups.
Mary O'Hagan, from Coventry Action for Autism, said: "We are honoured that the Lord Mayor has chosen to support our group, the grant will enable our sessions to be more inclusive and help ease the social isolation that so often accompanies autism.
Easing loneliness of elderly is vital WENDY Jones's wise article emphasised the huge social isolation and loneliness of many older people.
The goal of the Club 21 project was to address the issue of social isolation experienced by people with mental illness.
Such parents are often affected by poverty, social isolation, stress, mental health problems, low literacy and communication problems.
PS15,000 has been made available, and bids up to PS500 are invited for projects focusing on reducing social isolation, improving road safety, and reducing the impact of welfare reforms.
It reduces social isolation, and helps people to cope in the workplace during meetings and when talking to clients and customers.

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