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But that, if it is a social obligation, is a pleasure as well.
It is a very distinguished position, and you will find that it will entail considerable social obligations in America.
Events like these are vital for the continuation of the organisation's projects, policies and our social obligation to those in need.
Ofgem's Domestic Suppliers' Social Obligation in 2013 report published last week showed around 300,000 new gas and 300,000 new electricity prepayment meters were installed last year, up 20% on 2012.
Akos Grosz, in his message on the occasion, said the MOL considered it its moral and social obligation to help the distressed people who had to leave their homes under difficult circumstances.
Fund Dreamer believes in social obligation to help and address this underserved market by connecting them to affluent investors.
Adeeb Tenawi added: "Our interest in this charity campaign stems from the current events prevailing across the Arab region according to our regional office, thus it necessitates our imperative moral need and social obligation towards helping the less fortunate who were badly affected by the predominant conditions in their countries.
The beneficiaries would get one cellphone with 200 minutes of free talk time and the project reportedly would be financed partly by the bidder and partly from the Universal Social Obligation (USO) fund, intended to provide affordable telecom services to people living in remote and rural areas.
The situation is for sure hurting us, but we feel like we have a social obligation to the Saudi community and government to continue our production despite any losses,' he said.
To start bandying around some notion of a noble collective mindset or sense of social obligation based on your socio-economic standing is asinine and (since I assume Mather considers himself to be middle class) unbearably self-regarding and smug.
Informants lining their own pockets is not a pretty prospect: development of this subject would have given more justification to the all-pervading snarling cynicism which tends to consume what is, given perspective, one of many hard luck stories from an era when free-fall economics replaced social obligation.
It is brimming with evocative prose - "Heroism is a kind of social obligation inflicted at the font" - and liberally built on broad stepping-stones of verse, delivered faultlessly.