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She was a soft-hearted girl, easily distressed by the sight of suffering; and she was aware that Nutty was scarcely of the type that masks its woes behind a brave and cheerful smile.
They're soft-hearted psalm-singers, or they wouldn't have taken him in at all; and they'll ask no questions after him, fear they should be obliged to prosecute, and so get him lagged.
There were actually tears in the bold woman's eyes, as the soft- headed and soft-hearted girl twined her arms about her neck.
He was only a soft-hearted grateful fellow, and had nothing genteel or polite about him; consequently, instead of going home again, in his grief, to kick the children and abuse his mother (for, when your finely strung people are out of sorts, they must have everybody else unhappy likewise), he turned his thoughts to the vulgar expedient of making them more comfortable if he could.
He was rather soft-hearted, but self-confident and sometimes extremely conceited in speech, which had an absurd effect, incongruous with his little figure.
He said: 'Every soft-hearted newspaper columnist in this country, and I'll include myself in that, would like to see you and your ex back together.
The macho Antipodean actor runs his farm near Sydney on such soft-hearted lines that he can't bring himself to send any of his 270 cattle to slaughter and he makes pals of the 50 horses, dogs, chickens and assorted wildlife that roam the 600-acre spread.
Barbara Stanwyck gets caught shoplifting, and soft-hearted district attorney Fred MacMurray ends up taking her home for Christmas.
She lost her temper after Madeley told her: "Every soft-hearted newspaper columnist, and I'll include myself in that, would like to see you and your ex back together.
The cleverest sitcom on the box ended up as just another soft-hearted Yankee comedy with a moral in every tale.
The 15-day-old stray was smuggled into the country by a soft-hearted Birmingham holidaymaker.
CORONATION Street actress Julie Hesmondhalgh was born on February 25, 1970, under the often very soft-hearted, yet immensely versatile, sign of Pisces.