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Fundamentals : Discover the nature of software architecture in terms of architectural structures, the role that software architecture plays in an organization, the role of quality attribute requirements in architectural design, and the technical, business, and social influences on software architectures.
In fact, the importance of software architecture practices has been known for quite some time.
Software Architecting refers to the analysis, design, documentation, review, approval, and other related activities concerned with the definition and management of the software architecture.
SynapSense has created customer-driven solutions based on the SynapSense OneClick software architecture that addresses virtually all of the major issues that slowed the growth and widespread acceptance of WSN technologies," said SynapSense Chief Executive Officer Peter Van Deventer.
The goal of the AUTOSAR partnership is the establishment of an open standard for automotive software architecture.
Veramark's web-based software architecture eliminates the need for client software and makes the software accessible from every networked PC in the enterprise.
With the rising demand for new features and increased adoption of Linux, VirtualLogix's leading secure and fault-tolerant software architecture allows our customers to add Linux-based applications on a single processor.
The combination of these powerful environments form a hybrid-modeling solution capable of capturing requirements, designing systems and software architectures and developing logical and computational algorithms while supporting the most common user workflows.
Creating a Software Architecture - SOA, EAI, MOM, and What Really Matters: A View from the International Association of Software Architects"
The new algorithm will be available through Iridian's latest software architecture, OpenIris(R).
Omtool's AccuRoute document routing platform for the Ricoh Embedded Software Architecture platform was recognized as the best and most viable commercial solution by Ricoh Corporation and Sun Microsystems, Inc.
The ArchestrA software architecture was recognized as a key industry innovation which has contributed to Wonderware's marketplace success in combining leading-edge technology with successful business initiatives.

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