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Agilent Open is a versatile combination of test system hardware, I/O and software tools.
For more information about Inspiration Software and its award-winning visual learning software tools, visit www.
Adds MedKeeper President Jason Kilgour: "This agreement brings together best-of-breed pharmacy tracking, communication and reporting software tools with world-class drug information content.
Actis Design provides software tools and methods to enhance SystemC- and hardware description language (HDL)-based hardware designs.
ASSIA, Inc (Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment Incorporated) is the leading company, providing high-performance software tools, in an emerging high growth marketplace referred to as DSM (Dynamic Signal Management).
Qualified Specialist training: Qualified Specialists are industry professionals who have completed training in the use of specific assessment and analysis software tools developed by DOE in conjunction with industry.
Tripos' SYBYL software tools require high-performance graphics and computational capabilities that HP VISUALIZE workstations and HP 9000 Technical Servers deliver," says David Valenta, Global Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Solutions Market Development Manager for HP's Technical Computing Division.
Planning and budgeting reengineering requires patience, intensive ongoing communication with employees, investment in new data-gathering software tools and, most important, the willingness of a company's finance group to evolve.
BQR provides software tools and consulting services for reliability, availability, maintenance and safety (RAMS) and Integrated Logistic Support (ILS).
Telelogic and Willert Software Tools form Partnership to Provide Optimized OSEK Modeling Solutions and Consulting Services for Automotive Software Applications -
We developed these new kits so schools would have easy and cost-effective ways to put our most requested classroom management software tools at their teachers' fingertips.

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