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Founded 25 years ago by Donald Helfgott and Mona Westhaver, the company's visual learning software tools are used today by more than 25 million students and teachers worldwide.
As a result of the change, Fujitsu's management now works as a team and, using the enterprise planning software tools, determines strategic and tactical assumptions before doing any detailed planning.
Established in 1989 to provide RAMS and ILS consulting services to high-tech industries, BQR has become the world's leading supplier of RAMS and ILS software tools.
MALMO, Sweden and IRVINE, California -- Telelogic (STO:TLOG) has expanded its partner ecosystem by forming a strategic alliance with Willert Software Tools GmbH.
For schools that want to provide classroom management software tools to numerous classrooms or in multiple computer labs, GenevaLogic developed the Vision School Kit.
These universal binary versions of the popular visual learning software tools run faster and take advantage of the increased performance offered by the new Macintosh platform.
Integrated software tools, available with associated services, for the ClearPath OS2200 and MCP operating environments as well as for Microsoft Windows .
The unique architecture of the Simulation Application Suite incorporates a range of world class component software tools including components from Simmetrix and Tech Soft America,.
Simmetrix' flagship product is the Simulation Modeling Suite, a comprehensive suite of component software tools to support Simulation Modeling directly from solid models providing problem definition, attribute management, CAE results management, and automatic mesh generation with support of mesh curving, mesh adaptivity, and anisotropic boundary layer mesh generation.
The new appointment will enhance the company's position as the leading XBRL-enabling software tools company.
Itron's EEM Suite software will provide UMD with detailed visibility into energy consumption for buildings and facilities throughout the campus, along with easy-to-use software tools for improvements in billing accuracy, facility management and energy procurement.

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