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LOS ANGELES, May 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Tickets for Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour are off to a strong start with weekend sell-outs reported in Paris, Boston and Chicago, followed by sell-outs in New York this morning where 2 performances at Madison Square Garden quickly sold out as did a 3rd show now confirmed for October 11th.
FANS of pop babe Rihanna were screaming 'SOS' - save our seats, that is - when her Dublin gig tickets sold out in record time yesterday.
Reflecting on sales for the meeting, chief executive Rod Fabricius said: OWe would never normally sell out in advance of the meeting, other than on Saturday, but we are sold out on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the Gordon Enclosure, and the Richmond Enclosure is sold out on Thursday, while hospitality is running at a record level.