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The institution of jus soli, then, functions as a last-resort legal shield for maternal rights for these women, even when invoking such a defense erases their own autonomous subjectivity and encourages anti-immigration campaigners to advance what Cisneros (2013) describes as "backwards uncitizening".
Project Soli is still in the development phase, making it too early to speculate when the gesture technology will enter the market.
Acinetobacter soli as a cause of bloodstream infection in a neonatal intensive care unit.
Ukrainian composer Galina Grigorieva, another of the composers commissioned by Soli Deo Gloria, has produced a soulful work, the depths of which demand--and would reward-- repeated listening.
Soli served his patients for more than 53 years as a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist.
Soli SATB, coro S(S)ATB, 2 oboi, fagotto, 2 trombe, timpani, 2 violini, viola e basso continuo (violoncello/contrabbasso, cembalo/organo).
Soli is clearly a boy struggling to escape from the weight of his past but he has kindness and a sense of responsibility which slowly start to turn things in his favour.
It looks at standard terms of a SOLI proposal; explains why a trust usually should own the SOLI policy; explains why the insured should know the identity of the investors; considers insurance fraud and/ or commission rebating issues; considers the potential liability of the insured to the investors; discusses the tax treatment of i) the up-front cash payment, ii) the interest paid on the nonrecourse loan, and iii) the transfer of the SOLI policy in satisfaction of the nonrecourse loan; looks at federal estate tax issues; and makes some recommendations.
This opening of the building will be marked with the launch of a book about the Basilica at Soli at 7.
Gordon and Omer Taspinar; afterword by Soli Ozel, Winning Turkey: How America, Europe, and Turkey can Revive a Fading Partnership, Washington, D.
Hazen's title character (call him Soli please) is a pragmatically adaptable foster child of fifteen who roams San Francisco in his guardian's van without a driver's license.
Koc, chairman of Koc Holding; Kemal Koprulu, founding chairman of the ARJ Movement; Fehmi Koru, senior writer of the Turkish newspaper Yeni Safek; and Soli Ozel, professor of international relations at Istanbul Bilgi University.