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With conventional solids modelers, you pretty much start with some profile, add 2D or 3D curves, and eventually get to a solid.
HSB 3042NA High Solids Hollow Plus Binder is the product of advanced Dow processing technology which combines Dow's hollow sphere plastic pigment and styrene/butadiene (S/B) latex binder chemistries to create a unique pigment/binder combination.
Relating melting capacity directly to this surface area is something of an over-simplification since there are other variables involved--channel depth, for example, which would require calculation of the effect of conductive heat transfer from melt to adjacent solids.
At the very center lies a solid sphere of iron as hot as the surface of the sun.
For this investigation it was applied full strength, 35 weight percent solids, as well as diluted to 20, 10 and 5 weight percent solids for comparison purposes.
Industry studies indicate that higher solids levels in coating formulations offer many advantages, including faster operating rates and improved gloss and opacity.
Many mold designers today are on the brink of going to solids or going out of business," says Steven Alexander, president of Spectrum Mold Technologies, one of the sources of new design-automation software.
Over the last 10 years, solid-state researchers have discovered that electrons display a number of unexpected properties when driven through microscopic samples of disordered solids chilled to temperatures below 1 kelvin.
Value didn't stop with part and tooling design when it embraced 3D solids.
13 is modular software that ranges from 2D and 3D parametric type to 3D integrated surfaces and solids with free parametrics, as well as standard libraries for technical data management.
Unlike some other dewatering systems, where water is drained in high-pressure areas of the extruder through a slotted barrel, our drain and its position proved less likely to become blocked by solids or partly melted polymer.