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Contributing author Rebecca Nettl-Fiol discusses the historical progression of somatic research at the university, from the neuro-anatomist and anthropologist Raymond Dart to her personal introduction to somatics as an undergraduate, leading to her ongoing research and course development in somatic education.
In this section, my aim is to present possible ways of processing, analyzing, and understanding the researcher's somatic and affective experiences in an autoethnographic research design.
Somatics also has a therapeutic application in dance, by coordinating movement, breathing and mental conditioning to reduce body tension and increase efficiency and safety.
In this way, there are physical and somatic triggers that remind the student physically, emotionally, and intellectually, about the holistic meaning of fortitude.
The composition focuses instead on the physical pain of the hip injury and on those attributes of the hospital experience for which McCartney can verifiably account: her memories of being cold, of seeing white, of feeling antiseptic, huge, metallic, and full of pain; and the similarly somatic memories whose descriptive qualities populate the landscape of this entire work--memories of pain, of discomfort, of creakiness and proneness, of having to take careful, deliberate steps, of having oddly shaped bones, and of feeling nonsensical perceptions of being lopsided or off-balance.
Instead, Tolstoy's theory of infection is marshaled largely because it supports Robinson's larger assumption about what he calls "the somatics of literature.
Gary: Certainly my understanding is that somatics has now become an integral part of dance training and physical discovery.
The consistency of a vision encompassing the physiological and transcendental mighty seem inconsistent, but note that social scientists characteristically regard emotions, even religious ones, to have a somatic components (for example Kemper, Theodore, Thoits, and Hartley).
Unlike Janet Adelman, Peter Stallybrass, Paster, and others, who have identified similar fantasies of somatic autonomy with male selfhood, Hillman views this phenomenon as gender neutral.
Where once the much-travelled pro looked to be consigned to a retirement spent in pain and depression, now he can be found in the Epsom yard of the talented trainer Jim Boyle, passing on the benefits of Equine Hanna Somatics to a decent but rather pottery individual named Alfie Tupper.
Somatic Systems Inc (Pinksheets:SMAS), the company behind the Somatic Clinics franchises, announced on 27 August that it has developed specialised electronic medical records software for use by practitioners of the proprietary Clinical Somatics pain relief system.