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SON-IN-LAW, in Latin called gener. The husband of one's daughter.

References in classic literature ?
At last a celebrated magician from Finland was brought before the King, who had found out that the King's son-in-law was imprisoned in the East, not by men, but by some more powerful being.
When he reached the river Xanthus, which is in Lycia, the king received him with all goodwill, feasted him nine days, and killed nine heifers in his honour, but when rosy-fingered morning appeared upon the tenth day, he questioned him and desired to see the letter from his son-in-law Proetus.
While this was going on, behind the confiture-basins, Fouquet related the event of the day to his son-in-law, M.
She was living in the country town where he had had his last appointment, and there she was supporting the family: her daughter, her ailing neurasthenic son-in-law, and her five grandchildren.
Those who, thanks to our description, have learned the character of old Gryphus, will comprehend that it was hard for him to become reconciled to his son-in-law.
The best in the world," the applicant replied, confidentially; "I am about to become your son-in-law.